All Inclusive Inventory

Our all-inclusive inventory includes comprehensive coverage for accident damage, easy financing, debt cancellation in case of a total loss, and pre-paid maintenance. There’s even an unemployment payment waiver. This protects you in case you lose your job and can’t make your payment. You can browse our all-inclusive inventory and find a vehicle that delivers maximum coverage in all situations.

Auto Care Program

  • A prepaid maintenance program that prevents you from paying out of pocket for unexpected repairs. Experts at our own repair facilities will evaluate proposed repairs and protect you from unnecessary ones.
  • Covers up to 25% more than the purchase price on any maintenance and mechanical repairs.
  • Free oil changes.
  • Motor Club Membership with towing benefits
  • Unused portions are refunded toward your loan repayment (less a $100 administration fee).

Umbrella Program

  • State mandated liability insurance for life of the loan, regardless of your driving record, only available in IL.
  • Comprehensive coverage for accident damage with a $1,000 deductible.
  • GAP coverage: debt cancellation in case of total loss accidents with a $2,000 deductible.
  • Unemployment payment forgiveness benefits so that you have flexibility when life gets in the way of paying your loans (not available in PA).
  • This product is added to your auto loan, provides coverage for the life of the loan and qualifies for a rebate if loan is paid off early*

*less a $495 administration fee


You cannot find similar programs at most other dealerships!

Contact us for details and conditions at (773) 999-5700, or send an email to